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Which companies have pulled their ads from Facebook so far?
- The #StopHateForProfit movement has led to more than 500 companies pulling their advertising from Facebook, which continues to receive criticism for its handling of hate speech. As Facebook continues to receive criticism for its handling of hate speech, corporations and advertisers are pulling away as part of # StopHateForProfit , an activist campaign forcing the social network to counteract harmful content on its ...

YouTube TV Gets Another Hefty Price Hike
- Last month the service cost $49.99, but new subscribers now pay $64.99 per month and existing subscribers will see the price rise after July 30. YouTube TV subscribers are in for a shock today as the price of a subscription jumped massively overnight. Last month, a subscription cost $49.99 per month, but as of today it's $64.99. That's for new subscribers, but existing subscribers aren't off the hook. Their ...

Dish buys Boost prepaid biz from T-Mobile, finally enters wireless market
- Dish buys former Sprint prepaid business amid plans to build its own 5G network. Dish Network has completed a $1.4 billion acquisition of Boost Mobile, a former Sprint subsidiary that resells prepaid mobile service. After years of buying up spectrum but never delivering service, Dish is finally a mobile provider—albeit as a reseller that doesn't yet operate its own network. Dish was able to buy Boost as part of ...